Bespoke Solutions

for Cooling, Heating & Energy Transfer

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Since 1998 Hydratech has been regularly requested to develop bespoke cooling, heating and energy transfer fluids for many unusual applications. A few of the more notable include;

F35 Pilot cooling vests

CoolFlow DTX-F35

A CoolFlow DTX derivative for use in the new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. CoolFlow DTX-F35 is used to cool the pilots and co-pilots via a cooling unit and cooling vests. This CoolFlow DTX formulation is specified for all F-35’s as they are rolled-out to all air defence forces across the globe.

Laser Cooling

ThermaFlow DTX28

A ThermaFlow DTX derivative formulated for use in laser cooling systems, as specified by ‘one of the world’s leading suppliers’. ThermaFlow DTX28 has very low conductivity and eliminates problems associated to earthing and transient leakage.

beer pumps

2-Flow & 2-Flow Plus

Have been developed and patented in association with Brewfitt Limited, for use in a wide range of beer and beverage dispensing systems. Both products utilise negative enthalpy to store ‘cold-energy’ and much more effective than water-based ice-bank systems at delivering cold beer for longer during peak demands. Visit Brewfitt

Paxman Scalp Cooler

CoolFlow LVF-PX15

A derivative of the CoolFlow LVF family of potassium formate based coolants. CoolFlow LVF-PX15 was specifically formulated for use in Paxman Scalp Coolers (PSC). The PSC is a unique patented device for lowering patients scalp temperature during and after chemotherapy – it has been demonstrated to significantly reduce hair loss often caused by certain cancer treatments.

We are currently working with several high profile customers to formulate bespoke solutions;

data center cooling

ThermaFlow DTX-AK18

For use in large cabinet cooling systems, housing mega-computer servers for Google, Microsoft et al.

District Solar Heating

Solaris DTX-AN20

For use in large-scale solar thermal district heating systems, incorporating acres of high efficiency flat-panel collectors and energy storage in subterranean thermal-reservoirs.

To complement our heat transfer fluid formulation capabilities Hydratech can also manufacture 3rd party formulas, including Precommision Cleaning, Conditioning and Sterilising chemicals.